Prices: Ponytail Lift - Aleris Hamlet

Prices: Ponytail Lift

Below you will find Aleris-Hamlet Cosmetic & Surgery's price guidelines for a Ponytail Lift. Read more about the procedure here.


Procedure Anaesthesia Overnight stay Price in euro
First consultation – plastic surgery (mandatory) - - 110
Facelift (mid-facelift) General 1 day 6,770
Extended neck lift General 1 day 6,770
Ponytail Lift (endoscopic forehead and eyebrow lift) General 1 day 8,480
Ponytail Lift + mid-facelift General 1 day 13,840
Ponytail Lift + mid-facelift + extended neck lift General 1 day 18,370
Additional post-operative consultation (free of charge in the initial year after operation – patients book themselves) - - 90
Second opinion (third party evaluation of the result of an operation from elsewhere) - - 670
Surcharge, each extra night of stay - - 710

Other facial surgeries

Procedure Anaesthesia Overnight stay Price in euro
Turkey chin and double chin Local None 2,190
Forehead lift and eyebrow lift General 1 day 4,090
Direct eyebrow lift Local None 1,480
Temple lift General None 4,090
Eyelid surgery, upper Local None 1,480
Eyelid surgery, lower Local None 1,910
Eyelid surgery, upper and lower Local None 3,240
Fat injection to the face - first treatment Local None 1,970
Fat injection to the face - second treatment Local None 1,270
Correction of prominent ears - one ear Local None 1,270
Correction of prominent ears - both ears Local None 2,400
Cosmetic nose surgery General 1 day 5,650

*All prices have the compulsory patient insurance included.

Price information

Prices apply from 15 January 2019. Prices include VAT and supplements for statutory patient insurance. All prices are guidelines only. The price may vary according to material selection and complexity, and are determined by the specialist during the consultation.

Translation of diagnosis, medical records, etc. for patients with a foreign language is billed at the patient's expense.

Information for private patients, who will pay for their own procedure

In connection with booking the surgery, it must be paid in full 14 days before the scheduled operation date. The payment can be made in cash, or via a bank deposit, and must be in our account in a timely manner. The payment date is shown in the prepayment invoice. We kindly ask you to bring the receipt for the deposit at the day of your surgery.

If you do not pay, we will have to cancel your planned surgery, and you will be charged a fee of EUR 670.

A cancellation within the last 14 days before surgery, or a no-show, costs EUR 670. In these cases, your prepayment for the operation will be refunded, with the amount of EUR 670 removed. In the event of illness, you can be reimbursed the full amount upon presentation of a medical certificate.

No-show fee for consultation, examination and operation with local anaesthesia

If you are prevented from showing up for a consultation, please contact us no later than 48 hours beforehand, so we can offer the time of the appointment to someone else.

Aleris-Hamlet will charge a no-show fee of EUR 50 if you do not show up for the agreed upon consultation or examination, or if you cancel less than 48 hours before the scheduled appointment.

A fee of EUR 340 will be charged for a no-show or cancellation within 48 hours of an operation with local anaesthesia.

If you wish to cancel during the weekend, you can send us an email. Please find our contact information here.

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