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Alexandra Breast Lift


Alexandra Breast Lift - A Better Breast Lift without Visible Scars

If you dream of lifting and shaping your breasts without large, visible scars, it is now possible at Aleris-Hamlet Copenhagen. We are experts in performing the popular Alexandra Breast Lift which shapes and lifts the breasts without leaving unwanted scars on the chest.

Unlike a traditional breast lift, where you get an anchor-shaped scar on your chest, or a very wide and irregular scar around the nipple, the new, revolutionary Alexandra Breast Lift can lift the breast with almost no visible scarring, and with a more uniform round shape on the nipple itself.

The Alexandra Breast Lift is developed by the renowned celebrity plastic surgeon, Dr Kao of LA, who has shown Aleris-Hamlet's plastic surgeons the unique technique that allows you to shape and lift your breasts with an almost invisible scar around the nipple.

The inner bra

One of the secrets behind the great result, and the very discreet scars, is that the chest is supported by a net that is put around the entire breast and acts as a kind of inner bra under the skin. The breast lift can be performed with implants if you want to recreate the fullness you had before you had children.

Can I get an Alexandra Breast Lift?
You will find out whether an Alexandra Breast Lift is the right choice for you in consultation with your surgeon at Aleris-Hamlet – as not all women are suitable for the surgery. If you instead need a large breast lift, or if you desire large implants, the plastic surgeon will find another solution that better suits your wishes and needs. Our philosophy is that the best results are achieved when the correct surgery is performed on the correct patient.

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